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Hi Guys. It’s been a while since I’ve done a skincare review so I thought I’d re-kick things off with a product that I’ve recently started to enjoy. I’m talking about the Herbal Mint Toner from what is becoming one of my favourite brands – Baxter of California. Let’s get to it!

The Price:
Purchased as part of the BoC Skincare 1.2.3. kit AU$90
Individual Toner price is $37 for 300ml

A Bit of Background
As this is my second Baxter of California product I’m reviewing I won’t repeat the details of the brand. For more info on the brand please head over to the Baxter of California Daily Face Wash review I did last year or check out the Baxter of California Website.

I purchase the BoC Skincare 1.2.3 kit as I was running out of the Daily Face Wash and was looking to re-stock. Men’s Biz in Melbourne had a Christmas special on the Skincare 1.2.3. kit and seeing as I had a great experience with my first Baxter product the deal was too good to refuse! The pack includes 1 x Daily Face Wash, 1 x Herbal Mint Toner and 1 x Oil Free Moisturizer and depending on where you purchase from, it results in over a 10% saving rather than buying each product individually.

The pack is designed to achieve three essential steps for healthy looking skin – cleanse, tone and hydrate. If you’re new to skincare or looking to try one or more of the products mentioned above, I highly recommend getting the pack as all of the products compliment each other quite nicely and save you a bit of money!

Herbal Mint Toner and the Daily Face Wash. Both are 300ml.
The Packaging

The herbal mint toner comes in BoC’s iconic 300ml blue plastic bottle, similar to that of the BoC Daily Face Wash. The bottle features a black plastic flip top lid which snaps shut. I’ve personally never had a problem with any toner leaking even when I’ve thrown the whole bottle into my bag. BoC have kept the packaging, simple, clean and functional. Plus sitting the bottle next to the Daily Face Wash makes a quite a nice sight when I first walk into my bathroom each day.

The flip top lid snaps shut
The Ingredients

As the name suggests the toner features slightly herbal undertone of rosemary and sage with top notes of a light minty freshness. To be honest, I initially didn’t like the scent of the product. I think it was due to the scent being totally different to any other skincare product I’ve used, so it took me a while to get use to. However after a few months of use, I’d say that I quite enjoy the scent that it leaves on my skin after cleansing. I’d draw the similarity of this product’s scent to the Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial cleanser which also uses witch hazel, rosemary and sage as its core ingredients. If you’ve used the Jack Black cleanser and enjoy the scent, then you’ll definitely enjoy the scent of the herbal mint toner.

The combination of ingredients in this toner is complex, and with elements such as witch hazel, tea tree, camellia, fennel, peppermint, cucumber, sage and rosemary, it’s no wonder that this product is both gentle and soothing on your skin. I won’t go into the technicalities of the benefits of the ingredients listed above but a quick google search will tell you the long list of benefits that the ingredients can have on your skin.

It’s also worth noting that the toner is alcohol free, so it won’t dry out your skin. This also makes this toner suitable for more sensitive skin. Baxter’s recommendation is for normal to oily skin. My skin is a mix of combination during the warmer months, and dry during the colder/dryer months and I’ve found suitable to use in both types of climates.

The toner has a slight blue colour. Apply generously.
Extended Use

While I don’t tone my face every day, I usually remember to do it 3-4 times a week. This occurs most commonly at the end of the day, after showering and cleansing of course. Over time, I have found that using this toner, along with proper cleansing and moisturising, has helped my skin become less oily. I only noticed this recently, as I’d arrive home from work with less ‘shine’ around my forehead and nose, which is something that my skin was always prone to especially if is a hot day.

Additionally, it’s widely accepted that tea tee and witch hazel have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, so I have a feeling that regular use of these ingredients on my skin has helped clear up some of the pimple prone areas (think around the sides of the noise and around the hair line). If you’ve prone to spots or pimples, this toner may assist in clearing up some of the excess oil and dirt, leaving your skin looking and feeling cleaner and resulting in less areas for pimples and spots to form.

Again, it could just be that I’ve been consistently cleansing and moisturising on a daily basis but I can’t help but think that the toner has had a positive effect on my skin in general.

Other Applications

I’ve also been using this toner as a ‘cleanser’ when I can’t necessarily wash my face. It provides a great solution for giving my skin a light cleansing and refreshment, before a fresh layer of moisturiser can go on. I’ve found this to be particularly handy if I’m short of time and looking to brighten up my skin in a rush eg. coming home from work, getting changed and rushing off to dinner, in an airport, etc. However this is in no way an alternative to washing my face! The best results always arise from applying the toner after using a cleanser.

A Few Other Things

Like the Baxter Daily Face Wash, the size of the bottle may be inconvenient while travelling (You won’t be able to put the bottle in your carry on). However, after doing a bit of research I found that most toners come in a larger sized bottle. If you want to take this product travelling, make sure you get sturdy tube or container to hold the toner in, especially if you’ve only got carry on. And make sure it has a good lid to avoid leaking!

300ml is quite a lot of product, so expect this toner to last a while. This of course depends on how much and how often you tone but from experience a few drops on a cotton pad should suffice each time you tone.

Since you’re using a high quality product, it’s recommended that you also use a good quality cotton pad for applying this toner. For most guys, cotton pads aren’t a staple in your bathroom cupboard (they definitely weren’t for me!). If you’re not sure which ones to buy, simply ‘borrow’ a few make up removal pads from your girlfriend/wife/sister and test them out to see what works for you.  Most chemists, pharmacies and supermarkets carry a few different varieties so it’s worth checking those places out out.

Cotton pads come in a range of colours and sizes

If you’re lucky enough to have a Muji in your city, the Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads are a great choice. The cotton is super soft, and they are unbleached (it’s hard to tell from the picture below but the pad is off-white). This pad is also large enough to use on both my face and neck, however they’re fairly pricey at AU$5.95 for 100 pads.

Muji Organic Cotton Pad

I’ve also been using the Daiso Cotton Pads, which are pure white and slightly smaller. I find that these are small enough to pack in my travel kit and do the job well. They come in at AU$2.80 for 180 pads.

Daiso Cotton Pad
The Bottom Line

The Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner is a light and refreshing toner that will leave your skin feeling clean and matte. If you haven’t tried using a toner before, it’s worth giving it a go – I doubt you’ll be disappointed.I’ll be reviewing the Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer in my next post so stay tuned!

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Thanks for reading!

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