Muji Cream Cleansing Review

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Today’s post is a Muji Cream Cleansing review which is an extremely affordable cream cleanser. It retails for around $15.00 at Muji stores in Australia. The cleanser is free from mineral oil, parabens, alcohol and fragrance which makes it great for sensitive skin. It’s a white cream and the consistency is somewhere in between a light moisturiser and a body butter. It applies quite thick however, as you work it in it has more slip to it and almost reminds me of using an oil.

It leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated. It doesn’t leave your face feeling tight at all. I have been using this cleanser in the morning; however, I have also used it to remove my makeup on light makeup days and it does a great job. I did need an eye makeup remover to remove my waterproof mascara though.

I love the packaging – it’s clean and simple which fits in perfectly with Muji’s aesthetic. I also love the nozzle where the product comes out. It’s slightly different from other products in that it positioned away from the tube rather than remaining flushed with it like most products (i.e., the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask or the Boscia Detox Mask). This means that product does not build up around the sides and remains clean. I hope this makes sense. It’s hard to describe what I mean so I’ve included a picture below. I also like how it’s a squeeze tube because you can control the amount of product that comes out much better than a pump bottle.


Overall, I would definitely recommend Muji’s cream cleanser. It’s gentle on the skin, affordable and leaves your face feeling refreshed yet hydrated.

Have you tried any Muji skincare before?


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