My Cotton Pads of Choice


Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is all about cotton pads! Most people use them daily and they often aren’t talked about, but the right ones make a difference. No one wants to use a cotton pad that falls apart or leaves cotton on your face! I have two different cotton pads that I use on a daily basis.

The first cotton pad is the Muji Cut Cotton Large pads which retail for $5.95 in Australia. You get 102 cotton pads that are made out of 100% natural unbleached cotton. I use the Muji cotton pads to remove my makeup, apply toner and apply skincare products like my Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I absolutely love the larger size. With skincare steps like removing your makeup, you may need 3-4 smaller cotton pads, but I only ever need one with the large Muji cotton pads.

The second cotton pad that I use daily is the Daiso Cotton Puff which retail for $2.80. Each pink box contains 90 and they are packaged in boxes of 2. Do not confuse these with another pink box of cotton pads they have. Those are thin and break apart when you use them. That box is square and baby pink in colour. I use the Daiso pads to also apply toner and for smaller areas of my face like removing eye makeup.

Both cotton pads are affordable, are well-made, do not fall apart on you or leave cotton on your face.

What cotton pads do you use?


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  1. The Daiso Cotton Puff box sounds great and really cheap! Lovely post and very unique, never seen a cotton pad post before!:)<3

  2. I just pick up whichever one’s right in front of me at the drugstore… I don’t use cotton pads that much (I’m a no makeup girl), and I use my hands to apply toner and moisturizer. Cotton pads are mostly just for emergencies in my house. XD

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