The Balm Nude ‘tude vs Nude Dude Comparison


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Today is a The Balm Nude ‘tude vs Nude Dude comparison. I spotted the Nude Dude palette when I was in Malaysia in September. Since I was a huge fan of the Nude ‘tude palette (as well as the special sale price that was going on only for that day – thank you Sasa!), I picked it up. In store it looked different enough from the Nude ‘Tude palette that I felt it was a warranted purchase – well, I told myself that anyway! Hopefully this post helps you to decide if you need both or if you just need one palette and if so, which one. This is a fairly long, in-depth post so if you want a summary, just skip to ‘The Final Word.’



Theme and Packaging
They are both neutral palettes however, the Nude ‘tude palette has more of a gold, brown taupe theme and reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette whereas the Nude Dude palette has more of a rosy theme and reminds me more of the Naked 3 palette.

The packaging of both palettes is sturdy cardboard. I like how they are both compact and slim making it convenient for travel. Both palettes also come with a double sided brush that is not the best design – but it definitely isn’t the worst.


Shadow Quality

The shadows are not the most pigmented that I have tried however, if you are worried about over-doing your shadow like me, this can be a good thing. They are smooth, easy to blend and last well on the lids with a primer.


Shadow Selection and Comparison

Shadows to note in the Nude ‘tude palette are Sassy (shimmery white) and Snobby (shimmery pale gold) which kick up more product than the rest and are light shimmery colours. Nevertheless, they swatch well and are easy to blend. The darker colours Sophisticated (cool shimmery dark brown), Silly (dark plum-brown with noticeable shimmer), Sexy (matte burgundy) and Serious (black with subtle shimmer), with the exception of Sleek are the least pigmented out of the palette.

Shadows to note in the Nude Dude palette are Friendly (dark matte purple) and Flirty (rose pink with golden shimmer) are not as pigmented and buttery as the rest of the shadows, but I still love them.

Overall I like both shade selections, but I don’t feel like there is a good all over lid colour for me in the Nude ‘tude palette. I find Sassy and Snobby too light for my skin tone and I’m not a massive pink shadow fan. On the other hand, I feel that the Nude Dude palette has several all over lid shadows that are more suitable for my skin tone and are colours that I naturally gravitate towards like, Fearless (matte beige), Faithful (warm shimmery gold) and if I want something a little deeper, Flawless (soft brown).


The Balm Nude ‘tude swatches


The Balm Nude Dude swatches

Most Used Shades

Nude ‘tude 

  • Sultry (warm mid-tone brown) – Love this in my crease
  • Sexy (matte burgundy) – Love this for lining my eyes, or setting my eyeliner
  • Sophisticated (dark brown with golden shimmer) – Love this for deepening up my crease

Nude Dude

  • Flawless (soft brown) – The perfect crease shadow or all over lid colour if you’re going for something smoky. It’s pigmented, creamy and easy to blend. It would also make a great brow shade.
  • Flirty (rose pink with gold shimmer) – The most unique shade out of the palette. I love this for all over the lid with either Flawless or Feisty in the crease. If I’m going out at night I may deepen up the look with Friendly as well.
  • Firm (shimmery golden brown) – I love this shade all over my lid with either Flawless or Funny in the crease.
  • Fearless (matte beige) – This is a great all over matte beige shade that is buttery and smooth to apply
  • Feisty (matte rosy purple-brown) – Perfect for in the crease and as a transition colour

P1480178The Balm Nude ‘tude palette


The Balm Nude Dude palette

Least Favourite Shades

Nude ‘tude

  • Sassy (pearl white) – This colour is quite light for me and as a result, I don’t reach for it unless I want to highlight the centre of my eyelid or inner corners.
  • Snobby (pale shimmery gold) – Same as above
  • Silly (dark brown with shimmer) – The shimmers in this shadow are too noticeable for my liking and verge on ‘chunky’

Nude Dude

  • Fierce (charcoal grey with silver shimmer) – I find myself wanting something more pigmented when I use this shade. To me, it’s a ‘neither here nor there’ shade and I just don’t reach for it.


The Balm Nude ‘tude palette


The Balm Nude Dude palette

Similar Shades Between the Palettes
There are three shades in the Nude ‘tude palette which are similar to the Nude Dude palette, but they are definitely not the same shades. I have described each of them below.

  • Snobby from Nude ‘tude and Faithful from Nude Dude are both pale shimmery golds however, Faithful is slightly warmer in tone and suits my skin tone better.
  • Sleek from Nude ‘tude and Fine from Nude Dude are similar however, Sleek is more creamy and pigmented than Fine. It is a matte dark chocolate brown whereas Fine is a dark purple-brown with subtle shimmer.
  • Serious from Nude ‘tude is a black whereas Fierce from Nude Dude is a dark charcoal grey with silver shimmer.


The Final Word
They are both great neutral palettes that are perfect for travel. The shadow quality is good and there are a wonderful variety of shades in each palette, so if you’re a The Balm fan there would be no harm in adding a second palette to your collection. In saying that, my preference is definitely the Nude Dude palette. I prefer the selection of shades and feel that it’s the most complete palette out of the two. I have not reached for my Nude ‘tude palette since purchasing the Nude Dude. Nevertheless, if you like the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 palettes more than the Naked 3 palette, Nude ‘Tude may be right up your street.

Do you have either of these palettes?


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