Rimmel Super Gel Review


I spotted the new Rimmel Super Gel nail polish set at Chemist Warehouse a few weeks ago. It claimed to last up to 14 days and as someone whose nail polish is prone to chipping, that claim was enough for me to purchase it there and then. The set included a nail polish and the top coat for $14.95. Chemist Warehouse was also having a sale so I got this set for 50% off which is such an amazing deal! The shade I chose was Soul Session which is a nude with a slight hint of pink. It looked perfect for those barely there looking nails.

It’s a two step system where you apply two coats of the colour and one coat of the top coat – no base coat required. The top coat activates the self-curing process and the natural light does the rest. It is removed with a regular nail polish remover.

After the first coat the nail polish was streaky and after two coats it was more opaque and not streaky however, it was still slightly translucent on the white part of my nails. I stopped at two coats since that was recommended but it would definitely become more opaque after three coats. It was easy to apply and dried relatively quickly. I then applied the top coat which immediately gave it an amazing shine.


After two coats of Rimmel Super Gel’s Soul Session and one coat of the Super Gel top coat

After 3 days I noticed that my nail polish hadn’t chipped at all – which was amazing in my books! However, on Day 5 I noticed slight signs of wear on my left hand, particularly the index finger where my nail had split. There was definite chipping on my right hand with around 2mm of chipping on my index and middle fingers, about 1 mm on my pinky and fourth finger and slight wear on the thumb.


Day 5 – Left Hand


Day 5 – Right Hand

Day 6 – Right Hand (excuse that nasty paper cut!)


Day 6 – Left Hand

On Day 7, both hands had chipped bad enough that I had to take remove it. I will say that being a nude shade the chips were not as noticeable so I could wear it up until Day 7 however, had it been a darker/brighter colour I would most likely have removed it beforehand.

Removal Process
The nail polish was extremely easy to remove with regular nail polish remover.

The Final Word
The Rimmel Super Gel nail polishes are Rimmel’s offering to the “at home gel manicures” which have been so popular lately. Soul Session is my perfect “nude” shade. It is definitely the longest wearing nail polishes out of the Rimmel range that I’ve tried however, I find that Sally Hansen’s gel nail polish and Maybelline’s Super Stay 7 Day nail polish to be longer wearing – especially with bolder and brighter colours. In short, it’s an affordable nail polish that is easy to apply, dries relatively quickly gives an amazing shine and lasts for most of the week.

Have you tried any of the nail polishes from Rimmel’s Super Gel range?


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