A Cropped Leather Jacket in Central Park


When we were in NYC we paid a visit to Central Park like a typical tourist. I’m not sure what I was expecting when we arrived but I was not expecting it to be as big as it was. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that Central Park was big but the size of it when I was there in person was jaw dropping. We spent an hour walking around but it wasn’t nearly enough. I loved that there were so many different areas and pockets to explore. There were so many places that I didn’t get to see and things that I didn’t get to do, like take a paddleboat out onto the lake. Next time we’re back in New York I’m going to have to visit Central Park a couple more times! Now onto the outfit…

I have had this White Suede cropped leather jacket for years. I still love it as much as when I first purchased it. It’s definitely stood the test of time and the leather gets softer and softer with use. We had a long day filled with walking so comfort was key with this outfit. I wore my white Converse shoes, with my stretchy Levi’s jeans (emphasis on the word stretchy here!), black Maxim top with lace detail and my navy Longchamp bag.

This Longchamp bag is so great for travel. I love how you can fit everything you need including a jacket but the best thing has to be that it weighs nothing and can be folded up and thrown into your suitcase without taking much room up at all.





Outfit Details
Jacket: White Suede
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Longchamp

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