Week 1 in USA


Week 1 in USA was filled with adventures in San Francisco, San Jose, Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. I absolutely loved it and it was the perfect way to kick start our month long trip. We have already uploaded all 7 vlogs from our first week on YouTube but today I wanted to share with you my two favourite days from our first week. Excuse my makeup-less face in these vlogs but honestly, given we were road tripping the whole time I couldn’t be fussed slapping it on. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way when they travel!


Yosemite – Day 5

Yosemite was completely breathtaking. It was something that you can’t believe is real until you’re actually there, which is what we tried to capture in this vlog.  We went to Tunnel View, Yosemite Falls and watched the sunset at Glacier Point. The sunset was absolutely amazing and something that I would recommend to anyone who is going to visit Yosemite.


Sequoia National Park – Day 6

There was a calmness and a serenity about Sequoia National Park when we visited. We did two short trails while we were there: Big Tree Trail and Bear Hill Trail. The last stop was to see the General Sherman Tree which is the largest tree in the world. We did have a little hiccup along the way when we realised that we didn’t have any food for lunch. It resulted in Andrew and I scrounging our Whole Foods bag for any leftover food and snacks. Not recommended but it was funny nevertheless!

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