Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Facial Masque Review


Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is all about the Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Facial Masque which has currently replaced my Aesop Parsley Seed Masque. Grown Alchemist describe it as a deep cleansing clay mask that detoxifies that skin and improves skin firmness. It contains white clay, gingko extract, cranberry and wheatgerm and claims that the skin will look “revitalised”, decongested and feel smooth and toned. They say it is suitable for all skin types. I have been using it once a week.


The Application
To use this clay mask I apply approximately a 10 cent coin amount of product all over my cleansed face and leave it for the recommended 10 to 15 minutes. The product is smooth and easy to apply and dries translucent. It is easy to apply a thin, even layer to the skin. What I love is that this mask doesn’t dry rock hard to the point where you can’t move your face (I’m sure a lot of us have tried those types of masks before!). Rather, it feels comfortable on the skin.

The mask has a distinct scent which I am going to put down to the gingko and the wheatgerm. For me, it’s not the nicest smell out there but I can tolerate it.  After 15 minutes has passed I soak a washcloth with warm water and wipe away the mask. Unlike my Boscia Detoxifying Clay mask, this mask is easy to wash off and doesn’t result in half my bathroom floor being covered in puddles of water! As with all clay masks that I use, I always follow it up with a hydrating moisturiser and an oil. If I am doing a pampering night I will also use a hydrating face mask.




The After Effects
Immediately after washing the mask off my skin feels smoother and looks brighter. It doesn’t feel tight or feel like the skin has been stripped. In terms of my blemishes, I have noticed that they bring them to a head the next day. For example, I have had two pimples under my skin for the longest time, but this mask was able to bring them to the surface. Some people may see this as a bad thing but I see it as a good thing. By bringing them to a head I can then treat it and get rid of it! The product does claim that it improves your skin’s firmness; however, I haven’t noticed any difference and I’m not sure I would be the right candidate to be the judge of that.

It is the most gentle clay mask that I have used and agree that it would be suitable for all skin types. I’ve heard that you can also add some of the mask to your cleanser for a deeper clean; however I’m yet to try this. If you have, please let me know how it went!


The Packaging and Price

It is housed in a metal squeeze tube like the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask. It means that the product stay hygienic and it’s easy to use. In order to get as much out of this product as possible, I’d recommend using a tube wringer. This mask retails for $39.95 for 75ml.


The Final Word
The Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Facial Masque is a gentle yet effective clay mask that helps draw out impurities. It doesn’t strip your skin and after using it your skin is left feeling smoother and looking brighter. It is reasonably priced and easily accessible here in Australia. If you are after a new clay mask, I recommend that you check this out!

What clay masks do you like to use?



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    1. Fingers crossed Grown makes it over there! I get what you mean with using masks. I go through phases – sometimes I will consistently use one weekly and other times I forget to. I’m going through a consistent phase at the moment 😉 Thank you for reading Annabel x

    1. Ahh I love Japanese products. I have been using their makeup for awhile and have used a couple of skincare items previously but there’s so many out there and I’d want to try more. What are you using at the moment? I’d love to know! Thank you for reading Marsha 🙂

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