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One of the biggest skin challenges that I have during the colder months aside from dry lips, is dry hands. Over the years, I’ve tried countless different hand balms and creams but never really found a product I’ve been impressed by. There’s always something that isn’t quite right whether the formula is too oily or sticky, or it simply serves as a temporary fix leaving my hands in the same dry state without constant reapplication. So it was quite a surprise when I came across this tube of hand cream a few weeks ago from my local chemist after one of the staff members swore that it would solve my problems. Was she telling the truth? Let’s take a look!


The Product
The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream comes from Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula range which includes a select range of body, foot, hand and lip treatments. This particular product is dermatologically tested, and is suitable for most skin types.
There are two versions of this product – a “fragrance free” version and an “original” version; the only difference being that one has a fragrance.
The price is $7.99 for a 56g tube, however but I’ve seen it discounted to as low as $5.99 depending on where you look (I usually try Chemist Warehouse or Priceline for some good deals!)


This cream comes in a squeezable plastic tube which makes dispensing easy. At 56g, the size of the product is smaller than most other hand creams, however this makes it easy to keep few different places. I’ve been using this hand cream daily over the past few weeks and I now have one at home, one at work and one in my car. The lid features a screw top which fastens securely so there’s no chance of any leaking. Older versions of this product featured a flip top lid however I’m more of a fan of the screw top but that’s just personal preference.


It can be hit and miss when it comes to the scents of hand creams. While I don’t mind products with a great scent, I’ll normally lean towards the fragrance free version if given a choice. I’ve only been using the fragrance-free version of this hand cream however, the “original” version of this hand cream features the same formula and price. While this cream is fragrance free, it has a slight natural scent but it’s fairly neutral and doesn’t linger after applying.  I haven’t tried the original version of this product yet, but I may test it out once I get through the tubes I have on hand now.


The key ingredient in this hand cream is glycerin which is known for it’s ability to keep your skin moist through drawing moisture from the air into your skin. Glycerin also assists your skin cells with reaching full maturation before shedding. Dry skin is sometimes caused by skin cells shedding too quickly, when they are still premature (which in some cases may be known as psoriasis). Glycerin may also assist with healing cuts and small wounds, which is great for super dry cracked hands.


Use and Results
The packaging suggests that “just a dab relieves dry skin” and they couldn’t be more correct. Upon my first application of the cream I made the mistake of using the ‘normal’ amount of hand cream that I had previously been accustomed to (Approximately a 5c piece size). This lead to cream soaked hands which felt like I was rubbing liquid soap into my dry hands. Not a great first experience!


I’ve since learned and only use about a small pea size of cream on each hand. The texture of the cream is quite viscous, and being highly concentrated means that a little bit goes a very long way. The result is that my hands don’t feel wet or sticky after applying the cream, and I can go on with my day without worrying about making my iPhone screen oily or greasing up my keyboard and mouse at work.


One of the biggest benefits from this product that I’ve found is that it’s long-lasting, meaning that I rarely need to re-apply (unless I wash my hands, of course!). As with all products, they take time to work their magic but I started to see physical improvements after just a few days which I was pleasantly surprised with. The biggest difference was in the driest parts of my hands (between my fingers). Most notably, the small cracks in my skin were repaired, and ongoing use of the cream has helped the dry skin from returning to the dry condition that they once were.
It’s also worth noting that despite the name, this cream isn’t just for hands! I’ve tested it out on my elbows and my lips, and it’s worked extremely well so I believe that it’d be suitable for a range of applications including including knees, heels and any other areas of skin that tend to get dry.


The Final Word
This hand cream is highly recommended and well worth testing out if you suffer from extremely dry hands or skin. At this price you can’t really go wrong. Just remember to use a small amount as the formula is extremely concentrated.


What hand cream do you use to combat dry hands?

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