We’re going up there?! | Tasmania Vlog Day 2


Day 2 from our Tasmania Vlog is up! If you watch any vlog from this trip then this has to be it – purely for the amazing views you get to see from Mount Amos. It was an extremely long day because we started out in Hobart, detoured so that we could climb Mount Amos and then made our way to Launceston. Climbing Mount Amos was definitely an experience and I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for. We thought it was going to be an easy hike but we were literally on our hands and knees climbing rocks and trying to find the next flag. Yep, there was no set path! We saw numerous people who were coming down as we were heading up and everyone was encouraging by saying things like “you’re nearly there” and “you’re about 10 minutes away” – they were lying but it was appreciated! I found climbing down harder than going up because some rocks were extremely slippery. We actually saw a mum with a baby strapped to her doing the climb and I seriously do not know how she did it!

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Jess (and Andrew)

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