Venice Travel Diary


We travelled to Venice for 2 nights and in short, it was everything I imagined it would be. Walking along the canals, seeing the gondolas and just soaking in the atmosphere. We took the train from Milan to Venezia Santa Lucia station. The whole trip took around 2 hours. Our AirBnB host recommended that we take the vaparetto from the station to meet her however, when we looked at the map we realised that the meeting point was only 1km away, so we walked instead. In fact, we walked everywhere during our trip. Destinations looked far on the map but they were really not. Plus, who wants to miss walking along the canals?



Aside from the canals, another highlight of the trip was standing in the middle of Saint Mark’s Square and taking in the atmosphere. From the middle of the square, you can see Saint Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, which are absolutely beautiful. Around the corner of the square was the iconic Bridge of Sighs.



Another one of my favourite sights was the view from the Rialto Bridge. It was crammed when we were there because it was still Summer but we waited patiently and got a great view. If you were after one of the most iconic photos of the canals, I definitely recommend heading there.


On the second day, we went into Doge’s Palace and although, the tickets were 19€ they were definitely worth it because the ticket allows you to visit the Museum Correr, Archaelogiacal Museum and Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana. There was an option to visit the Doge’s Palace on a ‘secret itinerary’ for 20€ but if you want to do this make sure to book it in advance. We arrived on the day and found out that there was no availability for the next 3 days.




Food wise the first standout was a spinach quiche from Patisserie dal Mas. The pastry was buttery and flaky and the filling was absolutely delicious. The coffee was also fantastic here and was affordable. The second standout was eating Venetian tapas at Osteria Alla Ciurma. The staff were friendly and the food was great. The place is on the smaller side so I would recommend going earlier if you can.



  • Download Google maps so that you can access it offline if you won’t have access to Wi-fi when you’re out and about. Venice can be an absolute maze and you have no idea how much we relied on offline maps.
  • Walk everywhere. It’s not as far as you think and transport can be expensive.
  • Pack light. The last thing you’ll want to do is lug a large suitcase over canals, cobblestones and through small alleyways.
  • If you want to see the secret itineraries at the Doge’s Palace, book ahead.
  • Try Venetian tapas. You get to try a variety of food and it’s delicious!


I hope you enjoyed the Venice instalment of my Italian Travel Diary. Next stop – Florence!


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