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Copenhagen was our first stop on our trip through Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Danes have a reputation of being some of the happiest people on earth so we were keen to experience Copenhagen and all that the city could offer. We visited a iot of places over 3 nights but my favourite sight was Nyhavn. Nothing made me feel like I was in Copenhagen more than standing in front of the colourful buildings and soaking it in.

The thing that really made me enjoy Copenhagen was the food and coffee. I have written a Copenhagen Coffee Guide here, so if you’re a coffee lover like me definitely check out that post but today is all about the food that we loved while we were there!

Something for Breakfast

Mad & Kaffe

Brunch at Mad & Kaffe was unlike another other place we had been to. The easiest way to describe it is like having “brunch tapas”. Once you are seated, you are given an order form with the a list of brunch items to choose from. You choose either 3, 5 or 7 items from a range of around 17 dishes to build your meal. Some dishes that we had were avocado with chili oil and baked almonds, and soy blueberry yoghurt with homemade muesli and berries. They have two locations: one in Amagerbro and one in Vesterbro. We visited Amagerbro and loved the cosy feeling of the cafe.

Price: 3 items – 89 dkk, 5 items – 129 dkk, 7 items – 154 dkk

Address for Mad & Kaffe Amagerbro:
Tyrolsgade 6
2300 København

Opening Hours for Breakfast:
Monday-Friday: 8.30am–12pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:30-1pm

Opening Hours for Lunch/Dinner:
Monday-Friday: 12.30pm–8pm
Sat-Sun 13.30 – 20:00


Address for Mad & Kaffe Vesterbro:
Sønder boulevard 68
1720 København V

Opening Hours for Breakfast:
Monday-Friday: 8.30am–12pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:30-1pm

Opening Hours for Lunch/Dinner:
Monday-Friday: 12:30pm–7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 1:30pm–7pm



I love oatmeal and have it every morning before work without fail. Grød takes oatmeal to the next level. Salted caramel and poached pears swirled in your porridge? Yes please! They serve breakfast from 7am-5pm but also serve lunch/dinner from 11am-9pm with a menu including risottos, Danish and Asian rice porridges and salads. We went to the Torvehallerne location which is a great market to check out in Copenhagen. After your meal you can make a stop at The Coffee Collective conviently located just a few stores down which I wrote about here.

Price: 45-75 dkk for breakfast. 65-90 dkk for lunch/dinner

Hal 2, Stade 8A, Linnésgade 17
1362 København K

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7.30pm-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-6pm

Other Locations:
Please see their website here

Something to Snack On 

Meyers Bageri

Meyers Bageri have a few locations in Copenhagen but we went to the one in Jægersborggade. It’s very small inside and can only fit a few people at a time, but there are a couple of tables outside to sit at and enjoy your treats. We first tried the høj snegl but really wanted to try the kanelsnurre, which is one of the items that they’re famous for. There weren’t any left when we arrived but the lady at the counter told us there were some baking in the oven and to come back in 15 minutes. We walked up and down the street before coming back for our freshly baked kanelsnurre and boy was it good! I wish I bought two!

Price: 20 dkk for a pastry

Jægersborggade 9
2200 København N

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7am-4pm

Other Locations:
Please see their website here

Something for Lunch

Paper Island

Edit: NOW CLOSED – Apparently they have something new opening up in May 2018 though (see here)

If you only have time to check out one place, make sure it’s Paper Island – a street food lover’s dream! There are so many food stalls to pick from and there’s plenty of places to sit both inside and outside. The building that houses Paper Island used to be a printing press, hence the name but unfortunately the market is closing down on 22 December 2017 so try and visit it before then!

Price: 65-100 dkk depending on the food stall

Hal 7 & 8 Papirøen
Trangravsvej 14, 7/8
1436 København K

Opening hours:
Sunday-Wednesday: 12pm-9pm
Thursday-Saturday: 12pm-10pm

Something for Dinner


We had such a great time at Höst that we dedicated a whole blogpost to it here. It was hands down the best dining experience we had during our Copenhagen trip. In fact, it was probably the best dining experience that we had in Scandivania.

Nørre Farimagsgade 41
1346 København K

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday: 5pm-12am

Something to Drink


Lidkoeb is a cocktail bar located in the Vesterbrogade. Their focus is on using locally sourced ingredients in their cocktails, which makes this place one of the most unique bars that we visited.

It’s a little bit hard to find which is half the fun! From the main street, look for the Halifax Building and walk through the wooden doors on the far left. You will see the word “Lidkoeb” painted on the wall. Proceed through the walkway to the back of the courtyard you will see a red brick building with a large door which is the entrance to the bar.

The bar is beautifully designed with booths along the window, a fireplace and leather chairs to give the place a really cosy feel. The bartenders were also really friendly talking us through the menu and making recommendations based on our tastes. I decided on a seaonal cobbler and Andrew had a local take on a whisky sour.

They also have a selection of beers, wines and champagne but the cocktails are what they are known for. And for the whiskey lovers our there, they also have a whiskey bar on the upper level.

Price: 100-120 dkk for a cocktail

Vesterbrogade 72B
1620 København V

Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday: 4pm-2am
Sunday: 8pm-2am

I hope this food guide helps you during your travels in Copenhagen! What are your favourite places to eat at in Copenhagen?

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  1. Oh my goodness, Jess, your photography is UNREAL! I would love to see these shots of Copenhagen on your Instagram page! You are so talented and have quite the eye. About Copenhagen: I loved that food hall across the bridge, and although it was mega expensive, the food on offer was pretty cool. I heard it’s going to be closed down now actually because initially it was only supposed to be there for a year – as a kind of temp project. But what happened was people loved it so much that it kept going and now the council wants the space back for something else?? Not 100% sure 🙁

    1. Ahh thank you Phoebe! I wish I could take all the credit but it’s mostly Andrew! haha. Yes, I read on their site that they were going to get closed down. So sad! It was such a cool place! I’m going to check their website again now and update this post if necessary! x

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