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This blog is mainly written by Jess however, our YouTube channel features her better half, Andy. This blog is a way to share the things we love with the world from beauty and fashion to food and travel. We have recently moved from Melbourne, Australia to London, England to work and travel. We love Australia but it is so far from other countries and we love exploring new places. If travel is your thing then check out our YouTube channel which features all our travel vlogs.



I am a Speech Pathologist by day and while I love my job, I feel that there is a creative side to me that I don’t get to use. This blog is an outlet for that. I have watched YouTube videos and read blogs for years. I’m talking before VidCon was even a thing. I had a blog called “Your Daily Break” back in 2013. Long story short, I went away on an overseas trip to Japan and fell out of rhythm with uploading posts and lost the groove essentially. It’s That Time For is a fresh start for my blogging and I get to do it with my partner in crime! I love trying out new products, putting together new outfits, doing DIY’s and exploring new cafes (coffee is my drink of choice!). You will find beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food and cafe posts from my end so if this is up your street, stick around and have a little nosey!



Hi There! I’m Andy, the second half of It’s That Time For. I’m a big fan of photography, tech, food, fashion, skincare and of course, great coffee. This blog is a place for me to bring those things together and share all the things that I’m in to. While I work in finance, I love getting outdoors on the weekends, travelling and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Thank you for visiting and reading our blog – we appreciate each and every one of you! 


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